Just wait for it to complete and you’re done. Your Canon printer should now be connected to your wireless network. The IP address should be listed here, which you’ll need later. Run the setup software from the disc that comes with the printer. You should find an option to set it up wirelessly.

  • But the question is how to screenshot on ASUS laptop.
  • Windows Password Reset Platinum is an easier way to reset Windows password, compared to factory reset Windows.
  • Fixed region and full screen are both optional.
  • First, you need to start or reboot your computer and then hit the F key or a combination of keys during the startup screen.

You need to connect the printer to your home’s wireless network, configure the printer to your PC, and it should be good enough to print & scan. Once it goes through the process, it should show a success window indicating that printer is connected to the wireless network.

Thoughts On how To Fix The windows 11 Snipping Tool Broken Error

Yes, I just had you create a backup of everything on your hard drive, including your data. But the purpose of that first backup was to add an extra layer of security. This second, data-only backup will make restoring your data, once you reinstall Windows, easier. Follow the steps bellow to unlock your Dell laptop password with the setup disk.

Arkane Confirmed That Redfall Won’t Allow Players To Team Up With Ai In Thesingle

Therefore, there are also several solutions to fix the error accordingly. General speaking, the ntoskrm.exe file will be affected when the memory is damaged. We witcher 3 steam overlay will try disabling the delivery optimization completely and select another policy on its behalf. We will try to limit the bandwidth when download automatic updates to help in controlling the internet allocation. Once in the update settings, navigate to the bottom of the page and click “Advanced options”. Hope methods above will resolve TiWorker.EXE Windows Module Installer Worker high disk on Windows 10, 8, etc.